Living within an overgrown garden at the back of a dilapidated cottage lives a very mysterious creature. With no name, this fairy-like person spends her days spreading happiness and joy to the hearts of others in the hope their joy will spread to others. After a particularly long day she decides to take a rest in her favourite spot of the garden and enjoy the rest of the day's sunshine. The gentle heat of early spring warms her heart.

This interactive story contains no difficult challenges and no sad endings. It's a short and sweet tale about a fairy-like creature, known only as Fairy Girl, that lives in a garden with her adopted mother. As the story unfolds you're given options as to what to do next, with each option creating a different outcome causing the story to flow into a different direction. If at any point you wish to save your position and continue another time simply bookmark the page you are on to your Favorites. It takes about twenty minutes to read through but with all the alternative plots you'll need to re-read though it about four times to get fully through the story. No matter what options you select all choices will lead to a happy outcome.

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"A Fairy Tale" by Raymond Johnson.
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