The Elder Scrolls Online Playthrough
By Raymond Johnson. (

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Drunken Dance.

Here's a picture of my character, a Dark Elf, dancing drunk in a fountain in nothing but underwear. It was raining at the time too making the whole experience somewhat surreal as raindrops splashed against the surface of the water.

The game does allow players to wear nothing but underwear if they so wish but surprisingly I've only ever seen one player other than myself who has done so. You won't last long in battle however so it's always good to re-clothe when carrying out a quest that involves fighting. My character has a lot of moles and pimples on her body that would have otherwise been unseen if fully clothed.

Dancing in the fountain.


Naryu Virian's Return.


I've met up with Naryu Virian again and she recognised me. She is currently working undercover and wearing a disguise so I have to perform the quests she gives me in secret. She's my favourite character in the entire game and even thought she's an NPC (non-playable character), I really love bumping into her along my travels. The quests she gives tend to be main quests rather than side quests so she's really an important character. There are other main characters too but to be honest they are not as memorable.

She's a dark elf like my character with the same bright red eyes. I wonder if the game changes the appearance of some characters depending on the character style I create for myself at the beginning. I've no way to test this theory however as the game is far too massive to start it again with another character.

Naryu Virian wearing a dress.



Sometimes the game gets a little frustrating when having to travel vast distances to reach the location of a quest only to find there's a mountain or pool of lava in the way. This appears to happen more often the further into the game I get. Sometimes you may think you've reached your destination only to find the location on the map referred to an archway which leads to another vast area of the map.

There are ways to travel more quickly. It's possible to spawn onto certain locations within the map for instance, but this only applies to areas of the map you've previously visited. I've a feeling this is intentional as to get the player to purchase a horse which costs real money. I don't like the idea of purchasing anything extra for a 50 game bearing in mind I also have to pay for PlayStation Plus to play it.

The prophet hides in a cave in a secluded area next to the beach called the Harbridge. Every so often I receive a quest to speak to him which is very annoying as it's always a fair distance away from my location.


Bad Food.

I often wondered why the game had bad food available, now I realise why. Someone played a prank causing me to puke on the ground in front of everyone in the public square. I was so embarrassed I had to cower in the corner.

I was resting up after a hard day of questing, so I decided to wait in the town square watching other players entertain one another playing flutes while I played the lute. Someone named McLovenrivera decided it would be fun to place a piece of bad meat on the ground to see if anyone would pick it up and eat it. His pet cat didn't appear interested so I naively picked up the meat and tucked in where upon I puked it all back up again onto my leg and shiny boots.



Walking Through Obstacles.

With the assistance of the king, I forget which one, and his soldiers I'm supposed to do battle with the Stormfist Clan. I've prepared by putting on full armour and arming myself with a very large iron sword, but I'm not able to assist. Instead I appear to be watching the battle from a distance and taking pot shots using magic. The king, his soldiers and the enemy have rushed to the corner of the cave, literally running through wooden scaffold, and doing battle out of my reach. I cannot walk through wooden planks but it appears to be no problem for them.

Suffice to day we won the battle without me even taking a hit and we saved the day. I was thanked for my gallantry and given a reward for completing the dangerous quest.


Helping The Enemy.

Whilst upon my travels I discovered an enemy solider being attacked by one of the giant wasps. I knew she was an enemy due to having a red energy bar above her head, and it was clear she was losing the battle with the wasp.

I could have just sneaked by leaving the wasp to kill its target, but that's not a very nice thing to do so I teamed up with the solider and helped her defeat the wasp. I didn't even have time to put on my armour and had to fight in my flimsy outfit.

She rewarded me by slaying me with her sword. The moral is never help a random NPC (Non Playable Character), unless it's part of your quest.

She needs urgent assistance.


Baros Othran Quest Glitch.

People are hiding within a church because of bad guys, monsters, fires, Vox's ghost, etc, so I'm sent upon multiple quests to help. One of the characters hiding, named Baros Othran, expresses his surprise when he sees me enter with Elynisi even though I entered alone. Having no idea who Elynisi was I continued to play the game as usual. Later I was given a quest to rescue someone and discovered her name was Elynisi where upon I escorted her safely to the church.

It's not a big glitch, and Baros Othran is a side character rather then one who gives quests, but I thought I'd still give it a mention. It's understandable why the mistake was made too as there were so many quests originated from one location. Completing one quest would automatically begin another, which after a number of times proves to be annoying.

I haven't done that yet!


Battle Scars.

Characters don't pick up scars during battle. When a character has a scar it's purely decorative that they added when designing the character on the creation menu. In many ways this is unrealistic but gives a sense of a violent past for the character.

I play as a Dark Elf, with pale skin and bright red eyes She's thin, looking as though she often goes a day or two without a meal, and her skin has pot-marks with lots of moles. Her hair is beautifully braided implying that while she's looking a little worse for ware she still cares about her appearance. She has a deep facial scar down one side of her face which I imagine was caused by a war axe during a bloody battle in which she was victorious. She's also got a cute belly button but that's one of those features that not customisable so everyone has one.

It still surprises me however when I see other characters with shocking injuries. I saw a character named Gardalgar with an eye patch and a terrible injury on her face. I imagine she lost her eye during battle whilst in reality the person who created the character simply selected that particular scar on the creation menu.

I did a selfie style screenshot standing beside her. I'm not sure she realised what I was doing.

A mighty warrior.



There are a number of quests that involve Almalexia in some way. She lives in a huge guarded palace and is a goddess of sorts. Whether she's an actual goddess or just revered as one doesn't really matter, either way she does have powers. In fact I'm not sure I've ever seen her standing on the ground, she's always hovering a few feet in the air.

She's a nice NPC (Non Playable Character) and I happily perform quests for her, although one of the quests involved listening to ghosts and determine which one of them was a traitor which was difficult. I think it was more of a case or opinion than facts on that particular quest.

At one point whilst fighting a room full of enemies I kept hearing her voice. She appeared in the middle of the room thanking me for what I had done then giving me another quest, yet with so many other people playing, and enemy characters respawning she was saying the same thing over and over again. That's one of the problems with this style of online game. I can witness events that have already taken place for me due to others playing the same section.

Incidentally if you rotate the camera angle and look behind her she has quite a few scars and potmarks on her skin, so she may not always have been a goddess. She also has the ears of an Elf.

A goddess.


Stealing Things.

The moment you steal an item, from a merchant or from someone's pocket, a guard will give chase. You will be given the option to pay a fine or run away. If you do chose to run however the guard will continue to hunt you down and kill you. Even if you made a successful escape, awarding you a PlayStation Trophy, you will no longer be an upstanding citizen and other guards will still come after you leaving you with no choice than to be on the run until a significant amount of time has passed. Even guards in other towns will come after you.

Other characters will shun you even to the extent of disrupting your quests. A character named Tedoran Hlaalu somehow knew I was a thief and was rude to me. Another character named Gelana Hlan refused to talk to me until I paid my fine to the guard then told me in a friendly tone of her excitement of receiving a guild invitation.

Basically try to be nice at all times. If you do steal, the fine is always more expensive than the item anyway.

How rude.


A friendly chat.


Kireth Vanos.

I had a very strange quest that had lots of different stages to it, such as killing robot spiders, using a wand to control another spider, rescuing a man, killing the main spider, lining up mirrors to guide a laser, collecting an artefact, etc, etc, it went on and on. There were a lot of other players performing that quest too so the spiders kept respawning even after destroying them.

There was a scientist character named Kireth Vanos who was essentially telling me what to do, as I would have no idea otherwise with it being such a multi-layered quest. I really liked her, she was sarcastic and very rude at times, I hope I get to see her again later in the game.

A problem with spiders.


Laenril The Farstrider.

Laenril is a Wood Elf. I'm sure she's the first Wood Elf I've seen in this game unless I'm getting them mixed up with conventional Elves. The character I play as is a Dark Elf which is totally different to a Wood Elf. Generally speaking Dark Elves have pale skin and bright red eyes while other Elves are more human-like, albeit with pointed ears. There are lots of darker skinned, blue eyed, Elves around too so it's not always the case.

The only 'proper' humans within this game are the Nords yet they seem to be drunk most of the time and fighting a lot. I have to watch what I say because I don't want to be seen as a racist making comments about humans. Some of my best friends are human. The prophet is human, I think.

Incidentally when I met Laenril she was hiding in a corner and she told me she can't be sneaky if I'm standing around. I've a feeling she may have been planning to steal something.



The Plague.

There's a plague that's turning people crazy, eating them inside and turning them into zombies. Apparently the people who claim to have the cure are in fact spreading it and making things worse. Later it turns out that the whole thing was intentional and the disease was made in a laboratory by alchemists.

My favourite NPC (Non Playable Character) named Naryu Virian explained it all to me when I discovered crates dumped next to the river containing vials of poison. I'm not sure why I appear to be immune, not even becoming slightly sick when being exposed to the poison. There is no cure and nothing can be done for the infected, but at least I was able to prevent it from becoming worse.

Poor thing. I want to give her a
caring hug but know I shouldn't.


Help From Other Players.

Elder Scrolls Online isn't a conventional online game as other games are. It's not a case of controlling a character and fighting against other human controlled characters. It's in no way like Unreal Tournament, Call Of Duty and the like. The best comparison as to the way it plays is that it's more like World Of Warcraft.

The majority of the game is centred around quests given by NPCs, (Non Playable Characters). These characters are in-game bots, not controlled by real people. The game is essentially a story driven single player game. The online component of this game is that you see other real life players playing alongside you which you can totally ignore if you so wish or team up with them.

Some parts of the game, such as defeating the Dres Raiders, I found immensely difficult due to the amount of them there were. They'd also respawn after a short amount of time. Whereas when playing alongside others, not only was it far easier but far more enjoyable, Hordes of enemies are simple to defeat if there are hordes of real players alongside.

This boils down to the game being much easier when playing at the weekends as there are far more other people playing at the same time who are willing to help. Even if another player isn't actively helping they still make the game far easier by keeping the enemy busy.

One disadvantage of playing when there are lots of other players is when they chatter on their in-game mics. If you are not on my team then I have no interest in what you have to say, especially as your voice blasts though my TV at high volume. I don't care what you think of the new Terminator movie I'm playing Elder Scrolls. The only way to switch off other people's mics is to block them as a player, and the PS4 has a limit on the amount of people you can block. A simple mic off option on the game menu would have been nice.


Funny Glitch.

I assure you this rarely ever happens. I've seen it a lot in other games but not very often in Elder Scrolls. I always find it hilarious though. She's not a playable character so I'm sure her body will vanish once she respawns.

It's surprising that it doesn't happen more often. I’ve seen characters walk through solid objects, I've even walked through objects myself. I've killed a giant spider then literally stood inside its carcass. It's a common sight to see characters walk directly across dead bodies. But this particular kind of glitch is always funny.



Too Much To Drink.

This is a unusual quest. I normally have to give massages to people, do battle with monsters or follow a spy, but this time my quest is to help out with party celebrations. Obviously it's more complicated than that as the meadery is surrounded by giants and wild wolves as well as a bad guy who thinks eating giant flesh will make him strong. The simple task of collecting mead becomes a whole lot complicated and I'm having to do battle anyway. The giants turn out to be good guys but strangely they are all male and are very similar in appearance. They also don't have individual names as other characters do. I guess they count as monsters.

The town is full of festivity with NPCs (Non Playable Characters) dancing in the streets. Some people join in and dance alongside them. It appears even NPCs can get carried away and often succumb to the effects of alcohol. Oh dear, I'll have to talk with Enriquette when she's feeling better.

I can wait.


Aerona Berendas.

Another of my favourite characters in the game is Aerona Berendas. At first she appears to be a character concerned for her father's health wishing for you to collect medicine but she then becomes a more prominent character giving lots of quests to fulfil. She even follows during some of the quests and helps out.

What I love is that if I wait and do nothing, or something that's nothing to do with the quest at hand, she will grow increasingly impatient and cross her arms tapping her foot upon the ground.

Another thing to note is that the voice actress that plays Aerona Beredas sounds very familiar. I'm not sure who she is but I'm sure I've heard her in cartoons before.

Aerona waits patiently.

She promised me a kiss.


Fooling about while Aerona waits.


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