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Armitage III (pronounced Armitage The Third) is available as a series of four episodes and two movies. The episodes are Electro Blood, Flesh & Stone, Heart Core and Bit of Love. The movies are Poly-Matrix and Dual-Matrix.


Episode 1 - Electro Blood

The story begins on Mars in the year 2179. A country singer, named Kelly McCanon, is brutally murdered by an insane madman named Rene D'Anclaude. When the police investigate it is discovered that the murdered woman was really an advanced "third type" robot and that there may be other "third type" robots living on Mars.

A policeman, newly transferred from Chicago, named Ross Sylibus is teamed up with partner Naomi Armitage. As they investigate the murder more robots are killed and the madman boasts about it on TV. A lot of people start to blame all robots for society's problems and there are mass riots and murders of all robots. Robots are being piled up and burnt alive in the streets.

Meanwhile Ross is having difficulty settling down on Mars and he has nightmares about his previous partner being murdered by a crazed robot. He hates robots and doesn't care about the murders. He is also irritated by Naomi's attitude. She is constantly doing things her own way and not involving him. She is rude and called a woman a "little bitch" and said to a grieving man "she's history, just learn to live with it!" She also wears strange sexy clothing, eats junk food and whenever she disagrees with Ross she puts on her sunglasses and walks off in a huff.

At the end of the movie D'Anclaude attacks Ross then Naomi rescues him. She sustains a lot of injuries and shouts at Ross not to look at her but then she breaks down in tears and tells him her secret.


Episode 2 - Flesh & Stone

This episode begins exactly where the first one left off. Armitage has run off in fear and Ross intends to continue his search for her after he has recovered from his injuries. Rene D'Anclaude has been taken hospital and is under constant Police guard.

The police chief suspects that Armitage may be a "third" but intends to cover it up as it would be embarrassing to the police force if anyone found out that their finest police officer was a robot. He also finds it strange that every known "third type" robot is female and he wonders why this is.

There is an excellent scene where Armitage walks down an alleyway injured and hurt while wearing a cloak to protect her from the downpour of rain. Two street thugs, one of them a big muscular man and the other a clown, block her path. They don't know that she's a "third" and they attack her. I won't tell you what happens next but you can guess.

Another "third type" robot is murdered, in a very gory way, and Armitage herself becomes a suspect. Obviously Ross doesn't believe that she did it.

A list of "third type" robots is then discovered and all the names are female apart from the last one. Julian Moore the brother of Armitage. Julian has discovered why all the "thirds" are female and realises he must have been built as a ironic joke. A "third" that was a young male didn't make any sense.

When Amitage and Julian meet she is so pleased to meet him she gives him a big hug. A while later he says something to her about why the "thirds" were made female but she still doesn't understand. So he turns to Ross and makes a comment about her being stupid and she shouts out "Talk to me again like that an I'll paddle your cyborg arse!"

At the end of the episode a robot version of D'Anclaude attacks them and it is up to Naomi to destroy it.


Episode 3 - Heart Core

This episode is the saddest one. Have your hanky ready when you see this.

At the start there are some terrorist bombings. These appear to be unrelated to the Armitage case but they are so violent that the police have to put their full resources on it and the "third" murders are no longer being investigated.

Julian explains to Armitage why the "thirds" are all female and then wonders why he was made as a young male that can't age. This is a good scene as all the clues in episode 2 come together.

Armitage and Julian decide to break into the computer of the organisation that built the "thirds" so they can figure out the answers. While doing this they find a picture of their father and D'Anclaude together and they look like friends. It looks as though D'Anclaude may have been one of the creators of the "thirds". Julian is then suddenly infected by a computer virus.

At the end Ross and Armitage decide to break into the hospital to find out if D'Anclaude's really there. He is and he is still injured but then a robot D'Anclaude enters and attacks them.


Episode 4 - Bit of Love

Armitage is injured quite badly and her CPU has been effected. Ross finds out a secret location in the desert where some new robots are being made and takes her there.

There is a excellent scene where Armitage meets her father and runs over to him and is excited and pleased to meet him. He says "Oh, she's just a third. An inferior model." For the past 3 episodes she was waiting for this moment and you can feel the shock and torment going though her mind. She then tells Ross she wants to leave and rightly so.

Her father then explains that the "thirds" contain errors so he had abandoned making them and instead has started making some "fourth type" robots. The "thirds" had become obsolete. Armitage then sees her abandoned half-made sister and starts to panic. Armitage is beginning to feel that she's just a product and not a real living being.

The army then attack the secret base and Armitage's father gives her a hug and switches her off. When she awakens she has been upgraded and has some attachments added to her. There is then a big battle. At the end Armitage and Ross leave Mars and head for Earth.

What I loved about this episode was the way Armitage reacted to what was going on. You could feel the tension in her mind. Also instead of exciting action music there was strange dreamy music even during the battle scene.



The movie Poly-Matrix is all four previous episodes placed end to end with lots cut out. The English version is also re-dubbed with Elizabeth Berkley playing Armitage and Keifer Sutherland as Ross. It's not just nudity that's been cut out but also a lot of the main story is missing too. One of the main scenes where Armitage tries to commit suicide and Ross saves her life has been cut out. Also the scene when a clown and a muscle man attack her has been removed. The exciting sound track is still in place though so it's not all bad.



The movie Duel-Matrix is a completely new story and is a proper sequel. The English version stars Juliette Lewis as the voice of Armitage. She isn't as good as B.G. Mills from the first 4 episodes but she is a lot better than Elizabeth Berkley was in Poly-Matrix.

The story begins with Armitage at home making a birthday cake for her daughter Yoko. Ross and Armitage have changed their names and are living a normal life on Mars. Meanwhile on Earth there is a riot in a factory and the army have been called in to stop it. In fact it is really a secret "third" factory and Colonel Strings had made up the story about the riot as an excuse to attack it. Lots of humans were killed too. Armitage senses there robots deaths so she decides to investigate. She is no longer a police officer so she has no back up or help.

After Armitage arrives on Earth she discovers that Colonel Strings was the one that had the robots killed so she follows him. Three of his guards try to kill her but she manages to stop them. When she arrives at Strings' apartment and confronts him he admits that he had the robots killed but is shocked to hear that a lot of humans in the factory were also killed. A group of men enter and they shoot Colonel Strings knowing full well that Armitage will be blamed for his death. One of the men, called Demitrio, explains to Armitage that she is the original "third" and should join him on his quest for power. Armitage is angry and yells at Demitrio then explains that she can feel the deaths of the other robots inside her mind.

Another robot enters the room and is fully armed with the intent to kill Armitage and it has a jamming device that paralyses her. She then hacks into the robot and makes it fire its weapon with its safety on so it explodes. Armitage is hurt badly and falls out of the window then hides in the sewer. A strange robot repair man, called Mouse, finds Armitage and fully repairs her. In doing so he realises that she is an extremely rare Mars robot. After the repair he decides to sell the information about her to Demitrio but the only information he wants is how to make robots capable of giving birth but no information about that was found. So Demitrio orders two other robots, that are copies of Armitage, to attack the robot repair man and has him thrown out into the trash.

Meanwhile Ross has been invited to Earth to speak at the Robot Rights Summit. As he arrives with his daughter Yoko she is kidnapped and he is told to vote against the motion to give robots more rights otherwise she will be harmed. After the vote the bad guys intend to kill Ross anyway and they attempt to shoot him but he is rescued by Armitage. Both Ross and Armitage then team up to rescue Yoko.

The two robot copies of Armitage are ordered to kill Armitage, Ross and Yoko and the rest of the movie contains a lot of fighting sequences. At one point Armitage gets wounded and Yoko can see that she is really a robot and is frightened.

I thought this was an excellent movie and it's good to see a proper sequel unlike Poly-Matrix. It also has a nice surprise ending after the credits have finished. My only criticism was the story was a bit too simplistic and there wasn't as much music than in the first movies.


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