The Adventures Of Bitsa Girl


Bitsa Girl began in 2007, while at a anime/movie/comic convention, when I bought three Rei Ayanami action figures as well as tons of other memorabilia. One of these figures was of Rei posing on a set of swimming pool steps with a detachable leg so she could be posed in different ways. The problem was that the leg constantly fell off, and her removable arm was missing. At the time I belonged to a cosplay web forum known as RaiderQuest so I mentioned this within a forum post. I received a reply from a Lara Croft cosplayer, named Koisty, who said I should call the broken toy Bitsa Girl and came out with this phrase: "I'm Bitsa Girl, fear my non-symmetrical, slightly garbage pailesque body. I have many powers including ram man head, spider senses, strength of ten bears, invisibility, speed of a cheetah, the ability to drink like a fish, wings of steel, titanium skin, laser beam eyes, among 1,254 other powers." So I stole borrowed her idea and created the Bitsa Girl photo comic.


Bitsa Girl is photographed using a Praktica DC Slim 325 digicam. It uses a fixed focus with 3.1 megapixels, which to be honest isn't very good, but the blurring of close-up photography gives the entire comic an intentional amateur look.


One of the problems with close-up photography is in inability to use a flash, if you do use one all you'll get is a bright reflection spoiling the entire picture. While making the Christmas episode I wasn't able to get the lighting right, due to the winter days being so dark, and not being able to use the flash, so I had to wait until a sunny day. It was a long wait and I didn't photo the Christmas episode until the end of January.


You may have noticed that Motoko Kusanagi's uniform changes from plain black to a camouflage design within some of the episodes. It's not because I have two sets of clothing for her it's simply that I have two Motoko Kusanagi action figures. I also have extra sets of interchangeable hands to give her black gloves but have yet to use those.


One of the problems of characters holding props is the fact that they tend to fall out of their hands. To get around this I just use blu-tack to hold them on and not hide that fact. During the episode featuring Mulder and Scully I never noticed that Scully's torch was hanging out of her hand until some time after I finished posting it online. It's quite a good effect actually and makes the story more mysterious.


Whilst making the Halloween episode my power hungry camera ate through the batteries at a constant rate meaning I had to wait to repeatedly recharge them. One of the side effects of this was that I was gaining light as morning turned to afternoon. Close up photography needs lots of light but too much can spoil the picture. Closing the curtains shades too much light while having them open smothers the picture. There was a lot relocation in that photoshoot as well as a thin sheet next to the window to control the bright sunshine. One positive effect though is the casting of long shadows giving a more creepy feel to the story.


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