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RF Online

February 2006.

I've fond memories of playing this game. I had no real interest in playing through the story as there was only a limited time before the beta test ended, so I spent most of my time exploring and interacting with other players. Initially I played as various different characters and races but finally settled as an elf-like character of the Cora race in a faction known as the Holy Alliance Cora. My name was LarasButler.

I was totally amazed by the game and it was very, very addictive. I felt far more drawn into it than with other games. It was like living another life within a fantasy world.

This was the first time I had played a MMORPG (Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game) so beta testing was a daunting task, nevertheless I signed up and downloaded the enormous file. Any errors found were to be posted upon the testing forums. With the game originally Korean then translated into English there was a possibility of translation and spelling errors. There was a blatant mistake where the faction known as the Bellato Union was referred to as the Ballato Empire but sadly I didn't spot that mistake. The main bugs I noticed were the usual associated with this kind of game such as polygon folding and falling off the map.

As a reward for beta testing I was given an RF Online website kit with screenshots, wallpapers, banners and in-game music, etc.

After creating my elf-like character
I gave her the name LarasButler.


Impressive graphics for 2006!