You wake face down on a cold floor, your head is spinning and the room is shaking. You're dizzy and can feel a lump within your throat as though you're about to be sick. You feel a shiver of cold down your back and sides but feel hot around your shoulders. Your head is throbbing and you feel a deep pain within your neck. Your legs feel like jelly and are aching, you dare not stand or you'll fall. You're disoriented. You have no idea what just happend but you do know the best thing to do is stay where you are until you recover.

As you look up you can see a blurry image of where you are. It's a small room with concrete walls and floor. Next to you is a worn out sofa and in front of you is a door. You can hear faint sounds coming from outside that could be whispers or maybe just the wind.


What will you do now?

Stay resting on the floor?

Lay down on the sofa?

Be sick?

Start crying?