19 year old Japanese artist, Nozomi Kurmochi, sits down in front of her computer and connects to the internet logging into a chat room known as Chat World. She then thinks of a nickname and decides to call herself bee due to the fact that she loves butterflies. As she enters the chat she becomes overwhelmed with dizziness and wakes up on the floor in a room called The Reception. An American woman named Sherry explains to her that she has been sucked into the chat room and if she doesn't escape soon she will be stuck there forever. Your objective is to find the exit, leave, and if possible rescue all of the other people trapped inside Chat World.

bumbling bee is an interactive story containing quirky adult humour, hentai style drawings of nudity and some occasional swearing. As the story unfolds you're given options as to what to do next causing the story to flow into a different direction. Any part of the text that is highlighted can be clicked on displaying a picture of what's going on in the story. If at any point you wish to save your position and continue another time simply bookmark the page you are on within your internet browser. It takes about an hour to read through but with all the alternative plots you need to re-read though it multiple times to get fully through the story.

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"bumbling bee" by Raymond Johnson.