Game Guide

The game begins with Lara at Professor Werner Von Croy's apartment. He explains to her that he's been investigating a link between some paintings and some murders and he needs her help. Lara pushes him away from her and walks away. She doesn't care about being a tomb raider anymore and doesn't care that people are dying. She is still angry about what had happened in Egypt and isn't interested in what Voy Croy has to say. Then Suddenly the lights go out and Lara is knocked unconscious. As she wakes she notices that Von Croy is dead and her hands are covered with blood. Not having any memory of what happened she's not even sure herself that she isn't the one that killed him!

Lara is then on the run from the police and while being attacked by police dogs she loses her backpack and ends up in the pouring rain with no items or weapons. The rest of the game involves Lara seeking out the real murderer and preventing more murders occurring. Along the way she meets another adventurer named Kurtis Trent who also is investigating the mysterious deaths. The game is set in the back streets of Paris and Prague. There are some amazing tombs to explore later in the game, a lot of underwater sequences, a mental asylum and a greenhouse filled with man-eating plants. There is no abandoned Russian base however which a of the new Tomb Raider games tend to have.

As well as investigating the murders and running from the police Lara is grieving for Von Croy and yet at the same time she is angry about her own near death experience which she blames on him. She has to face her own inner demons and the title The Angel of Darkness could be referring to Lara herself!