Vespera Vampire


Set in the early years of the 17th century this trilogy of tales follows the gradual decline of a vampire sect and their ongoing fight for survival, beginning with them having to change their feeding habits and ending with their eventual demise. Told through the eyes of Vespera herself and her half-breed cousin Lamia, as well as one of the many human victims.

Part 1: True Nature is told from the point of view of Vespera herself as she hunts for a delicious human for her and the rest of the vampire sect to feast upon. However things don’t according to plan when she feels empathy with her intended victim.

Part 2: Deal With A Vampire? A human victim, along with four other volunteers, have been sent to the vampire sect as a human sacrifice to appease the vampires, but the human in question soon grows suspicious that there is more going on than meets the eye.

Part 3: Blood Is Thicker Than Water tells the story of a half-breed dhampir who has been kidnapped and tortured by humans with the intention of using her as bait to capture Vespera. However what the humans fail to realise is that vampires are relatively civilised in comparison with dhampirs who won’t hesitate in feasting upon them all in a bloodbath frenzy.

As a word of warning this collection is absolutely not for the fainthearted. This web book was written for horror fans and pulls no punches when describing despicable acts of grotesque violence as well as gory scenes of vampire bites.






Author’s Notes