30th June '09 - Yoshimi Yamahashi.

This is quite an unusual story I found on the net. There's a website called Japan Today and I was looking at the news and found an article about a woman being arrested for selling naked photos of herself.

It's quite a short article and other websites don't go into any more detail, I've posted it below.

25-year-old wife arrested for selling nude photos of herself

Police on Monday arrested a 25-year-old woman for selling nude photos of herself in Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture. Yoshimi Yamahashi, 25, was arrested after she was found by police to be in possession of nude photos of herself saved on a SD card of her cell phone.

According to police, Yamahashi, who is married, has sold nude photos and movies taken by her handset to more than 100 people through the Internet since May, 2005. Police said she has earned about 1 million yen so far. In other photos, she was wearing school uniforms at her clients’ requests, she said.

Yamahashi was quoted by police as saying, “I started this business because I wanted to buy clothes.”

What I find strange about the article is the fact that a woman would be arrested for doing such a thing. There are literally millions of people doing the exact same thing online and yet it's considered a crime in Japan, I never imagined Japan as being such a prude country.

Aparently prostitution is perfectly legal in Japan as long as it doesn't involve penetrative sex and isn't in public.

You may think that one million yen is quite a lot of money but it's only just over 6,000, that's $10,000 in US money.

Here's a link to the article that also contains feedback comments. http://www.japantoday.com/category/crime/view/25-year-old-wife-arrested-for-selling-nude-photos-of-herself

I'll add more info to this blog entry when I find out more.

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