3rd December '15 - Hello Kitty Christmas Tree.

I've seen a number of these around and while I don't have one of my own I'm in two minds as to whether to get one or not. Perhaps a Hello Kitty Christmas tree is a little ostentatious but they're only small (60cm) so they'd be ideal as a second Christmas tree, for the bedroom maybe.

The baubles and decorations come with it so I'm sure it just a matter of attaching the stand and setting it up. It has fibre optic built-in lights too. It is an official Hello Kitty product and the ones I've seen range vastly in price, around 15 - 25, which is fairly expensive considering you could get a full size tree for that which is one of the reasons that's influencing my decision not to get one.

There are other Hello Kitty Christmas trees available too but I think this one looks the best. With it being small it's cute which matches the general persona of Hello Kitty. Actually I've changed my mind and will purchase one after all.

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