1st March '08 - Console Wars (Xbox 360 Vs. PlayStation 3).

I'm not one of those people that is pro one game console and against another. I own both a PlayStation 3 and an Xbox 360 so I can see advantages and dissadvantages with both.

My first Xbox 360 did actually overheat and break so I'm certainly not someone that's going to praise the XBox 360 as something that is brilliant and realiable. I even touch the top every so often while playing it just to make sure it's not getting too hot. I never have to do that on a PlayStation 3, even though it does get warm I can trust that it won't break.

The Xbox 360 has two fans on the back making it quite noisy and the DVD drive is noisy too making it not ideal for watching DVD movies, this noise isn't a problem while playing games because you are closer to the TV and hear the game rather than the machine. Also Microsoft brought out a high-def DVD player for it recently and caused a lot of fuss because people thought that the DVD built in was already high-def.

The controllers on the Xbox 360 are nice and comfortable and have the vibration feature that PlayStation 3s don't have, but the Xbox 360 controller doesn't have the Six-Axis tilt control like the Playstation 3 has. Also the new PlayStation3 controllers have the vibration now.

The PlayStation 3 doesn't quite have the same online features as an Xbox 360, games don't have the Achievements feature on the PlayStation 3 so it feels as though you don't gain anything once you've completed the game, also if someone sends you a message you have to quit the game to read it whereas on the XBox 360 you can read messages and chat to people even if they are playing a different game. The Xbox 360 does have a stupid Silver and Gold membership option for online and Gold membership costs 40 per year, PlayStation 3 online is free.

Also the PlayStation 3 doesn't quite have the same sharp picture quality as the Xbox 360 but that may be because I only use the cheap scart lead that came with it rather than a seperate high-quality one. Sony don't sell high quality scarts for some reason.

Generally speaking if I could only own one then I would choose the PlayStation 3, but if I could own both then I choose both, which is what I do.

One thing that I did notice recently is that when playing online no one seems to speak to each other on the PlayStation 3 whereas when I play Xbox 360 online people don't shut up. It must be because the Xbox 360 has its headset with it rather than it being a seperate purchase.

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