30th July '15 - Witchblade Anime Review.

To be honest I've been in two minds as to whether to include Witchblade in this blog or not, due to me only wishing to list the best anime, while trying to avoid negative opinions, but there are some aspects of Witchblade that I love, while others I despise.

I first bought Witchblade as a three volume box set containing 12 episodes on 3 DVDs. I was hooked and loved them. The first episode was a little confusing perhaps, but the rest of them were amazing. Then after the last episode I realised there were more so I purchased the entire box sex on 6 DVDs. When I watched them though I realised the main plot drifted at a tangent, introducing another character who was basically a psycho killer, and it became a conventional fighting anime.

The main character Masane, her daughter Rihoko and their friends in the cafe where they live are pretty much the main focus of the story. It's their interaction with one another, and a love that can only be described as family, that bonds them all together. Masane keeps the fact that she's the Witchblade secret from them, and she hopes to cure herself from what she sees as a curse. Another character, named Reina, who has similar powers to the Witchblade is a rival of Masane, yet there is still respect between them both. That respect leads to a dramatic and sad conclusion that will make you cry when you realise they have to put their differences aside for the sake of Rihoko.

It's brilliantly acted, in both the original Japanese and English dubbed versions, while the story is multi-layered intermixing sad and funny moments. There's lots of near nudity too if you're into that, but never quite revealing everything.

About half way through the box set however the main plot ends and a new character named Maria is introduced who kills a lot of people on her own side then for no apparent reason decides to hunt down Masane intent on killing her. Masane of course is the Witchblade so defeats her with no problem whatsoever.

Some of the extra content on the DVDs are very interesting, especially the interviews with the Japanese voice actors. They also mention how the DVD version was animated slightly differently to the television version and mentioned their ad-libbing of some of their lines. Some of the extras are about the original American comic version of Witchblade. I suggest not watching that at all as they appear to discredit anime and make jokes about tentacle sex having no understanding of what anime is. It will also make you cringe every time they mention the word Japanimation.

I really do love this anime, but it's only the first 12 episodes that I love. I'm sorry if this blog entry sounded too negative.

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