24th February '14 - Winter Olympics.

There wasn't as much excitement this year with the Russian Winter Olympics as there had been with the London Olympics. Quite often what was on television were just the highlights, but I suppose that was understandable. Another thing that bothered me was constant references to Stephen Fry saying we should boycott the Olympics due to Russian's treatment of gay people. Over and over again I read about his opinions on this. Why he remained totally silent when the Olympics were in China, given their human rights record, I'll never know. I could also go on about the commentators on the BBC talking through the opening ceremony but I won't. I could also mention the competitors filming themselves on mobile phones, or the fact that they say "you know" on the end of each sentence during interviews, but I've moaned enough already.

I mainly watched the snowboarding, skating and the skiing slalom.

It was fascinating how some of the snowboarders can jump up so high, I was sure if any of them missed their landing they would likely be seriously injured or even die. What happened with some competitors is they didn't quite turn as quickly as they intended, and the board hit the snow sideways, causing them to suddenly stop. It was amazing how often his happened.

The speed skating was exciting too. There was an incident with British skater Elise Christie was disqualified. It looked as though it was due to her and Chinese competitor, Li Jianrou, colliding with each other. But as they showed the replay it was more complicated than that, and it looked as though she broke the rules by changing lane and blocking her competitor. Apparently you can hold out your arm in front of someone, but not push or grab them, or physically get in their way. There are no actual lane markings either making things more confusing.

The skiing slalom was exciting too especially when two competitors were in a direct race against each other, rather than racing against the clock. Very often they crossed the line at the same time and almost finishing with a tie with just a fraction of a second determining the winner.

Elise Christie and Li Jianrou collide.

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