10th June '08 - Internet Viruses.

I've got a website called Free As A Bird and it's all about the anime called Appleseed. While I was updating the site I was looking for wallpaper pics to add onto the site. I've done some 'home-made' ones that are screenshots from the movie but I wanted some official ones too.

As I searched on the internet my anti-virus detected a virus so I disconnected the computer from the internet, then deleted all of the Temporary Internet Files then did a virus check and it found nothing so it must have blocked it successfully.

The next day I used the internet and had no problems but the day after when I searched for Appleseed again my anti-virus detected a virus and then the anti-virus itself stoppped working. Then something tried to download onto the computer. I disconnected the modem from the computer but it was too late and already had the virus. Internet Explorer stopped working, the anti-virus stopped working, Windows Firewall kept switching itself off and System Restore wouldn't start.

Luckily I keep everyhting backed-up and was able to reformat the hard disk and reinstall everything but it did take all evening. I couldn't understand the point of the virus or what it was trying to achieve.

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