26th September '08 - MySpace Videos.

I've been watching video clips that people have uploaded onto MySpace, some are funny and some are serious while some are just clips from TV. What mainly annoys me about them is the messages that people post in response. There are so many chain-posts that people add and yet if you look at their profile they seem otherwise itelligent people.

For example posts like this:
" THIS ACUALLY WORKS 1.say the name of your crush 2 times 2.say the name of your bestfriend 5 times 3.post this onto 5 other videos and then press f8 and then ur crushes name will appear "

And this:
" there wuz a lil girl walking down a hallway of an old hotel when a man stabbed her in the back of the head. if u just read this comment, then her dead body will appear in ur bedroom doorway unless u post this comment on 3 other videos "

Sometimes there are no genuine posts at all other than these, what is wrong with people?

By the way, you have to visit http://www.myspace.com/raymondjohnson38 and give all his videos a Booyah thumbs-up then post lots of kisses on his profile and pass this message on to 1000 other people or you will die a horrible death!

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