1st September '17 - Vampire Woman.

This is one of the first books I bought on Amazon Kindle. I think it was the cover that first attracted me to read the book description, then I became intrigued wanting to read the story.

I won't go into too much detail as to not ruin the plot but it's basically a short story about a vampire who's respectful to her victims and always makes sure to leave them alive after feeding. Even though she does have fangs, and the urge to bite, she instead uses a blade attached to her ring to leave the wound clean. She uses cunning and skill to lure her victims, and despite being hundreds of years old takes advantage of modern technology not relying on the old ways of a vampire. Despite living in a large creepy castle this story isn't set in the past.

The story focuses upon the horror of what's taking place rather than gore which unfortunately is a trap a lot of modern horror stories fall into. My only criticism is the title 108 Mystery Stories at the top of the cover which is somewhat confusing.

The author, Jangle Charm, has a wide range of stories including children's books, mystery stories, romance and many, many more.

A kind vampire.

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