5th April '16 - Vampire Princess: The Complete Collection.

I purchased this DVD collection some time ago which contains all 26 episodes on 6 DVDs. They have both the English and Japanese language audio, and the option for subtitles as well as the original opening titles and a gallery. It's important to note however that it doesn't include the original 4 episodes that were released under the title Vampire Princess Miyu, The story has moved on a little since the original 4 episodes and the spiritualist school teacher Himiko doesn't make a single appearance.

The episodes are:
1. The Fang Knows
2. At The Next Station
3. The Forest Calls
4. Reiha Has Come
5. Sepia Colored Portrait
6. Ghost Of Miyu
7. Fate
8. Red Shoes
9. Your House
10. Swamp Of Promises
11. A Supple Face
12. Garden Of Crying Reeds
13. Light Of The Sea (Part 1)
14. Light Of The Sea (Part 2)
15. Dream Of The Mermaid
16. Woman Priest
17. The Moray Boat
18. City Of Illusion
19. Love Of The Dolls
20. Butterfly Enchantment
21. Flag Of Shinma
22. Once Upon a Time
23. Confrontation
24. The Boy Who Returned
25. The Last Shinma
26. The Eternal Sleep

It's quite difficult to define what's appealing about this series. While the main character Miyu is a vampire she's is clearly a good person and fights against evil. There is a lot of action yet rarely do you witness Miyu biting someone. This is clearly an action anime rather than anything along the lines of horror.

Miyu while intelligent is softly spoken and fighting for her is a casual experience. In many of the episodes however she gives her enemies a chance to redeem themselves before finally resorting to the act of killing. Her rival Chisato is the exact opposite and won't hesitate to kill even if it means innocent lives are lost in the process. Chisato feels that Miyu has grown weak and wishes to take her place.

I won't say too much about each episode as to avoid spoilers but some of the episodes that stand out for me are, At The Next Station, Ghost Of Miyu, Garden Of Crying Reeds and Butterfly Enchantment. The ending of At The Next Station is fairly upsetting, I won't say anything more than that but it'll likely have you in tears or with a lump in your throat at least. In fact a lot of the episodes have a sad ending even after the evildoer gets their comeuppance. Miyu may be a vampire with unique set of special skills and powers but she can't save everyone.

This is one of those DVD box sets that's addictive having you hooked, constantly watching one episode after another waiting to see what happens next between Miyu and Chisato. The stand alone episodes separate from the main plot are what you'll likely re-watch over and over again afterwards.

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