18th April '09 - I Miss Unreal Tournament.

A long time ago I bought Unreal Tournament 3 for the PlayStation 3. Games like that are normally a lot better on the PC but my PC isn't fast enough to run it. I've never understood why it's called Unreal Tournmant 3 because there's been a lot more than two of them already so it doesn't seem to make any sense.

The main thing I love about it is the fact that it's a game that you don't have to take seriously, it's over the top and almost silly. A lot of other first-person-shooters are set during wartime with realistic guns and take themselves too seriously but Unreal Tournament is just a bit of fun. Even the story in the game is just about winning the tournament just for the sake of winning, without there being a war or depth to the story at all.

I also love the pretend to be dead button, I've never seen that in previous Unreal Tournament games or any other game. You can pretend to be dead and watch other characters ignore you then jump up and shoot them.

What I don't like about it is the big chunky fat graphics, the low detail in the characters, the fact that the game sometimes forgets what character you selected and lots of other little annoyances. There's been an update patch that fixes a lot of these as well as adding new features but I haven't been able to download it yet.

My PlayStation3 is broken and in the repair shop and it's not ready yet. I've got plenty of games to play but it's Unreal Tournament 3 that I miss the most. :(

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