4th April 2018 - Popular Twitter Post.

There was a very unusual post on Twitter today that I'd thought I'd share here. As to how serious the post was isn't really the point, in fact it was likely a joke, but I thought it was interesting to see how one simple post could prove so controversial and therefore popular.

Someone with the username of "a lesbo" posted a comment that attracted a huge response gaining 78 thousand likes and 25 thousand retweets. The only other time I've seen such popular posts were from celebrities. What surprised me most of all however was that she only signed up to Twitter in March of this year and had 153 followers. The post in question was posted on April 2nd and was only her second Tweet.

I wonder if it was simply luck of posting something controversial that made it so popular or if friends of friends and so on intentionally caused it to become viral. I suppose the point I'm making in this blog entry is to not be afraid of posting controversial things online if it has the advantage of boosting your popularity.

I suspect this post was a joke.

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