20th September '09 - Television Going Downhill.

This is another blog entry when I moan about something rather than talk about something that has happend recently. Maybe you'll agree with my opinion though.

First of all I just want to say that I live in the UK and we still have to have a television licence which costs 11.63 per month. We are the only country in the world that requires a TV licence and it was originally introduced to fund the BBC because it was the only channel in existence at the time, but now there are lots of channels but the licence fee still only funds the BBC. If you don't have a TV then you have to contact them and tell them you don't own one otherwise you'll still have to pay, you have to prove you don't have a TV rather than them proving that you do. There have been people imprisoned for watching a TV without a licence and there are a lot of websites detailing each case, they always mention that it's bad that women go to prison for not having a licence which implies that it's okay for men which seems a strange thing to say. Anyway, if you want to know more about the travesty of TV licensing then just do a search on Google, there are hundreds of pages about it.

I'm old enough to remember when video recorders came out and how great they were. I don't remember anything negative about them only that blank tapes that had something recorded on lasted a lot longer than the pre-recorded ones, so it was always better to record from TV than to buy a pre-recorded tape.

DVDs on the other hand can be terribly annoying. Some DVDs are almost unwatchable because of the amount of copyright messages, and clips saying "Do not download movies", or "This is not a rental DVD" that type of thing, and it won't let you fast forward. I sold all of my Futurama DVDs because the copyright messages lasted for four minutes. It's not all DVDs that do that though, its normally big movies and 20th Century Fox DVDs that have all that crap.

Recordable DVD discs simply stop working unless you purchase the high quality ones, there's no point with the cheap ones. Who would want to record something that won't work three months later?

I remember when satallite TV came out. There was a lot of exculsive stuff on it that never appeared on the other TV channels so it was great. But then they started having channels that are scrambled that you have to pay for, then they would have pay-per-view on that very same channel that you pay for anyway and show football that would have otherwise been free if the satallite channel didn't exist! So you're paying twice for something that would normally be free.

When widescreen TV came out it seemed like a good idea because you could watch movies without the letterbox black lines at the top and bottom of the screen so long as it was in 16:9 ratio. But the whole thing has turned into a mess now, if you have a normal TV then you'll get black lines on the top and bottom of the screen on every TV show, and if you have a widescreen TV you'll get a distorted picture with everyone looking fat. So the picture is worse no matter what TV you have. If you have a satallite box you can adjust it but then you have part of the image poking off the edge of the screen. - And now they've invented Hi-Def which will muck everything up even more.

A lot of TV channels in the UK have gone downhill. Channel 4 was always a bit crappy but has gradually gotten worse, channel 5 started off bad and has stayed that way, while BBC divebombed into the ground. They still get their TV licence funding so they make money either way. Channel 5 won't stop reminding you what channel you're watching by displaying it in very big writing in the corner of the screen, then flashing it between each commercial during the ad break. The BBC will display a message telling you what program is on next, then shrink the screen telling you again, then tell you verbally what is on next, then show a trailer for it. As though being told about it four times will make you want to watch it. It's normally a cookery show with an actor pretending to be a chef swearing at someone, or a classic BBC show that's been ruined with phone-in voting and an audience that scream.

I think in the future TV will just disappear and be replaced by the internet completely.

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