28th November '09 - Don't Trust ANYONE In Chat Rooms.

This is a weird and complicated situation. I love using online chat rooms and acting a lot different than I would in real life. It really depends on what the chat room is about and who's in there. Sometimes I make up a name on the spur of the moment because I just want to see who's in there before I use my usual name and chat.

I've actually got more than one chat name but my usual is Neo. He was a character out of the Matrix so I thought it would make a cool name but sometimes there's more than one Neo in the chat room so it's not very original.

Anyway, years ago back in the days of dial-up internet, I was chatting with a woman with bright red hair and lots of piercings. I knew what she looked liked because she had lots of photos on her MSN Messenger. She also dyed her public hair red but she never showed me those photos.

I found a webpage recently and it had pictures of her posing on it and they were the exact same photos as well as naked ones showing her red pubic hair. Her name didn't match her MSN or her Facebook name. The chatter in the chat room must have been some guy that stole a lot of porn pictures and pretended it was himself. He had me fooled. LOL.

Someone pretended to be her.

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