5th October '15 - Hello Kitty Goes To The Movies.

I bought a DVD at a boot fair today for 1 called Hello Kitty Goes To The Movies. I thought it was brilliant value for money, and while I don't usually watch Hello Kitty cartoons I purchased it anyway. In fact Hello Kitty cartoons are quite a rarity on UK television so the best way to get them is on DVD.

The first thing I noticed that was a little strange was that the title mentioned within the episodes was Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater rather than Hello Kitty Goes To The Movies, but it's really not important just an oddity.

It contains five episodes each lasting around ten minutes each:
KT - The Kitty Terrestrial
The Wizard Of Paws
Kitty And The Kong
Cat Wars
Paws - The Great White Dog Shark.

The DVD also contains options for subtitles and an English/French language option.

The story is set out in such a way that Hello Kitty and her friends are performing a play in front of an audience so while the events taking place may appear somewhat far fetched it's okay, because it's not really real, it's just a play. The Paws episode, a spoof of Jaws, would be fairly frightening for younger viewers for instance but the fact that we can see it's one of Kitty’s friends wearing a shark costume makes it all the more enjoyable. Every episode has a happy ending too which is nice. I also loved the fact that it was always the same characters within each play of the movies being acted so there's familiarity within each episode.

The age rating written on the box states 2-5 but I'm sure older viewers will get a lot of enjoyment from it too considering the movie references and some of the jokes within that I'm not sure younger watchers will fully understand.

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