26th August '16 - Tomboy Movie Review.

I purchased a movie on blu-ray recently from ebay. As well as feedback they allow reviews of certain products to be written. This is what I wrote about it.

I won't mention too much as to avoid spoilers but this movie is about a girl named Laure who moves into a new house with her father, pregnant mother and younger sister. Laure has short hair and is androgynous in her appearance and behaviour. Her younger sister on the other hand is very feminine. While making new friends a girl asks Laure what her name is and on the spur of the moment Laure says Michael and from that moment pretends to be a boy. As the story continues Laure has to find more and more elaborate ways to keep the lie from being revealed. In many ways the plot resembles a comedy but this is a serious drama. At no point is it revealed as to why Laure pretended to be a boy leaving it open to many interpretations.

It's a French movie and is subtitled. The extras on the disc include interviews with the director CÚline Sciamma, and a Making Of featurette which is very interesting.

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