28th November '10 - This's (This Is, This Has).

I was using Microsoft Word to do some writing recently and it underlines all words that are misspelt. Very often it will say something is spelled wrong even if it isn't but it's usually because it's a bit out of date or simply it doesn't have that word in its database.

For example my old Microsoft Word could not accept "internet" as a word unless it was in uppercase, whereas my newer version does. Also it doesn't recognise the word "farrier" (someone that puts shoes on horses) as being a word that exists.

Microsoft Word can also correct grammer but most people switch that option off because it's nonsense. Pure gibberish is accepted but a proper sentence containing double past-tense phrases are deemed to be wrong.

Anyway back to my point. One of the characters in my story says "this's unnacceptable." Now it obvious that "this's" is a conjunction of "this is," but Microsoft Word underlines it as a spelling mistake.

I've looked it up on Google and it's one of those words that have people up in arms. There are those that say it's bad English to have "this's" and should always be written as "this is", but the character in my story is supposed to be speaking that way, he's a sailor not and English scholar.

There are a lot of words in the English language that people argue about. The past tense of "lay" as "laid" get some people up in arms. They make comments like "Laid what? Laid an egg." It's as though one word containing two meanings gets them angry even though most words in the English language have more than one meaning anyway.

I believe English isn't something that any individual owns and there is no right or wrong way to spell, just a preffered spelling so people understand. Language is contantly changing and evolving and if I choose to use the word "and" three times in the same sentence then that is my choice, I shouldn't need to add a comma because someone else thinks there is a rule that I should follow.

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