7th October '14 - Dominion Tank Police.

A number of years ago I bought the entire series of Tank Police on VHS video tape which consisted of the original four episodes, known as Dominion Tank Police, and the new six part series called New Dominion Tank Police. I later bought them on DVD as well as lots of the comics which are simply known as Dominion.

There's a stark difference between the original Dominion Tank Police series and the New Dominion Tank Police series in that the main character Leona is so much tougher and more confident in the new series. Also the intentional wobbly art style of the comics is present in the original episodes but appear to be tidier in the newer episodes.

It's one of those animes that isn't to be taken too seriously and is totally wacky in some places with the main focus of the comedy being that the police cause more damage in their tanks than the criminals they are chasing. This results in lots of funny scenes with the mayor constantly threatening to shut them down.

Anyway the main reason for this blog entry is that I was re-watching them all recently then realised one of the characters, a creature that looks like a fairy and has the name Green Peace that only appears at the end of one episode, also appears in the comics and is in a number of editions. I never realised at first that they were the same character. I don't know why I never realised that, maybe it was because she appeared so briefly that I never paid much attention.

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