13th September '12 - A Very Strange Dream.

I had a very strange dream recently. The strangest thing about it was that I'm not sure when I dreamt it. I was reminded of it when I sat down to play the game SSX but it could have been days or weeks ago when I actually had the dream.

The dream began with me standing about half way up a mountain that was covered with snow. I was trapped and couldn't climb back down. I had already called for help on a radio and rescue was on its way but I knew they wouldn't find me on time.

I was different in appearance than how I really am but within the dream it felt I was normal. I was short in height and had very strong smelly breath that smelled of food. I wore a skin-tight bodysuit that was similar to a wetsuit but I also wore baggy trousers and a coat over the top.

I headed over to a cave to get out of the cold wind then placed a sleeping bag on the ground. There was lots of snow inside the cave that I padded around the sleeping bag for extra warmth. Within the dream this made sense. I then got inside the sleeping bag and it was lovely and warm due to a hot water bottle inside.

I guessed I only had a few hours before the hot water bottle grew cold so I decided to go to sleep as fast as possible so I wouldn't feel myself freeze to death.

I then felt at peace and I drifted away into death, but when my rescuers found me they were surprised that I was dead because the hot water bottle was still hot. I had died because I had chosen to based upon the fact that I had given up hope.

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