19th May '09 - Annoying Misspellings.

There are a lot of common misspelled words that people make on the internet, I've probably used a lot of them myself. The problem arises when people don't realise they've made a mistake so they don't bother to look up the correct spelling. For example I used to spell the word "really" with just one L and never knew I was spelling it wrong. I don't believe in spelling checkers unless it's a long document because you don't learn from your mistakes if the text is auto-corrected for you, I personally prefer to look up each word one at a time if I'm not sure of the correct spelling.

While looking at websites, forums and chat rooms I've come across huge amounts of misspelled words, most don't bother me at all but some can be annoying.

I've been in a chat room and someone was talking about something being "Fall proof" instead of "Fool proof", the common misspelling is "Full proof" so it was a doubly strange misspelling.

Another time someone said she was "Tea total" instead of "Teetotal", but that is quite a common misspelling so it wasn't that unusual.

There are lots of words that don't bother me at all when people misspell them, "Greatful" instead of "Grateful" doesn't bother me at all, neither does "It's" instead of "Its" or "Practice" instead of "Practise".

The word that drives me insane when it's spelled wrong is "Your" instead of "You're", it makes me so angry when people misspell that expecially when they can't comprehend that they are two completely different words. Here's a picture of a t-shirt and a belt buckle that contain that spelling mistake. I find it so ironic that the buckle says "Your dumb".

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