7th June '09 - The Cost Of Spam.

I've got an email account that came with my Orangenet home package, I used to use it quite a lot but I noticed I was getting a lot of junk mails so I started using another email service instead.

Orangenet has a spam filter but rather than removing junk mails it simply adds the word spam on the front of the message which allows you to still read it if you so wish.

I know the trick of never replying to spam, never clicking on the un-subsribe link and never looking at them out of curiousity because that will alert the spammers that your email address is still in use and spam you further. Even so I kept getting more and more spam and it's now on over 1000 junk mails per day. The only reason I download them is so I can delete the lot in one go. Email providers such as yahoo and hotmail use a seperate spam folder so they'll be deleted even of you never look at them but Orangenet emails use Outlook Express so they need to be downloaded before you view or delete them.

Anyway back to my main point, my debit card expired and I forgot to tell Orangenet that my new one has another number so they tried contacting me using email but with over 1000 other mails of spam I never looked and deleted the lot. So instead they sent me a letter in the post and are going to charge me an extra 5.00 admin costs. If I never had spam then I would have seen their first email message and not had to pay the extra cost.


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