24th September '09 - Sex Sells.

I know it's a bit obvious but you can turn the fact that sex sells to your advantage even if the product or thing your promoting isn't really anything to do with sex.

I remember years ago I set up a website all about a game called Quake 2 and pretended to be one of the female game characters. At the time Quake 2 was my favourite game because it could be played online against other people. I would play for hours then upload silly screenshots and scores onto the site. I had over 4000 hits in total on that site even though it was really quite a messy badly designed site. I think it was because people thought I was genuinely female and most of the gamers were men and fancied me.

I remember reading an interview with Masamune Shirow, translated to English because he's Japanese and writes manga comics the most famous being Ghost in the Shell. The interviewer told him how manga and anime is popular with women and maybe he should write new comics with sexy male characters to attract them. He replied that if women read his comics and he changed the lead character into a sexy male then they wouldn't be interested anymore because women that like sexy women are unlikely to like sexy guys.

I've been selling a lot of statuettes on ebay and in the descriptions I've used the word "she" instead of "it" if it was a female statue. I've also made sure the body-shot photo is selected as the main pic rather than the total view photo. People can view the main photo once they click on the item but the body-shot will attract them first. I've sold all of them so far.

A body-shot of Asuka that I have on ebay.

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