14th June '11 - Jinxed Computer (Sam Coupé).

I've been trying to sell this old computer on ebay but have had nothing but problems. First I'll tell you a little about its history.

Years ago in the early 1980s there was a computer called the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. It had a silly rubber keyboard and tiny built in speaker but was popular. It had good graphics for its day but there was something called colour-clash caused by too many different colours being next to each other which would show on the screen as a square block. Even so it was still a popular computer even for gaming.

Every so often a new version of the computer came out and there was a 16K Spectrum, a 48K Spectrum, a Spectrum +, a Spectrum +128K, a Spectrum +2, a Spectrum +2A and a Spectrum +3. There were lots of opinions as to which was the best. I loved the Spectrum +3 with its built in floppy disc drive but it wasn't fully backwards compatitble with old Spectrum software. Eventually they stopped making Spectrums and they faded into computer history.

However before they completely vanished there was another computer that came out called the Sam Coupé. It was seen as being a super Spectrum in that it was very similar in many ways, yet completely un-similar in others. It was as though all the good features of the Spectrum were included in its design and the bad features removed. There was no colour-clash in the graphics for instance.

It was a very odd looking computer with a strange keyboard as well as an unusual programming language. It was pretty much every programming language in existance combined together and still today is probably the best computer language ever made. You can do anything with it.

The company that invented it went bust quite early on so the only software available was amature programs made by enthusiasts.

With it being so rare and possibly because of its quirkiness they are still sought after. I was one of those people lucky enough to own one but even mine has become damaged by age. The floppy disc drive no longer works and for some reason the display is in black and white. The problem is that I cannot sell it without being stressed out at the zillion emails I receive about it. I get all kind of strange and odd questions, someone even accused me of performing some kind of scam because I was selling it too cheap! I explained to him IT IS BROKEN and yet he was still accusing me.

Fully working ones sell for around £50 sometimes more if it still has its original box.

The Sam Coupé looks weird but is a programmer's dream!

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