1st January '14 - New Year's Resolution.

New year was a little different this year than how it usually pans out. I live near the river and the boats normally sound their horns at midnight but I never heard any of that this year. There were lots of fireworks though so maybe they covered the sound of the boat horns so I simply didn't notice them. In fact a lot of people set off their fireworks far too early which kind of makes the entire thing pointless. There have been a lot of Chinese lanterns in the past few years but I didn't see many this time around, but it was raining so that may have been why people were reluctant to use them.

There's been a lot of building works going on near the railway station and it was strange to look out of the window at 7am and see the workers on their way as usual wearing their bright reflective jackets. They must be on a lot of money to work on New Year's Day.

For this year my resolution is to save more money. There are a lot of small things I can do to save a little here and there, and it will soon build up. One thing I'm going to save on is to not pay for a gold account on XBox Live anymore and let it lapse into the default silver account. The only game I play online is Perfect Dark Zero but not enough people play it anymore. It used to be so much fun but now it's just a shadow of how it used to be. I remember playing in Team Deathmatch mode and I crept between two people who were sniping using the sniping rifle. I sniped with them and it was at least five minutes before they realised I wasn't even on their team. I've got lots of good memories from that game but it's gotten to the point where it's rare for more than ten people to be playing it.

Another resolution is for me to diet, but it's not a real resolution because I've been doing that anyway, even through Christmas, so it's more of a continuation of what I was already doing.

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