4th February '09 - Resident Evil 4.

I thought I may as well add this blog entry because Resident Evil 5 is coming out soon and I want to talk about the previous one.

I'm about to offend everyone and commit gaming blasphemy, I'll probably receive hate emails over this and get sworn at, but I didn't like Resident Evil 4. I don't care that reviewers gave it a 10 out of 10, I don't care that people have said it was the best Resident Evil game, well it wasn't, it was a bog-standard shoot-em-up with monsters. There I said it!

I loved all the previous Resident Evils, I played Resident Evil Zero, 1, 2, 3 and Code Veronica in succession on the GameCube and thought it was the best gaming experience I've ever had in my life.

But Resident Evil 4 was a big dissapointement. Where were the fixed camera angels? Where were the puzzles? Where was the scarey atmosphere? At one point I was fighting a monster and the game was telling me what keypresses to do, so I wasn't actually in control of the game, I was playing Simon Says.

So I'm not even tempted to touch Resident Evil 5 before playing the demo.

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