27th February'11 - I've Been Removing Some Websites.

You may have noticed that some of my websites seem to have vanished. I've been removing some of them while making a whole lot of new sites. It's nothing to do with freeing up space, I have lots of room for more sites, but I've been clearing the sites that I don't feel I need anymore.

I've started making a lot more websites that involve original content, such as interactive stories, erotica, poems etc. I'm also planning to write comic books some of which will be free on the internet.

My Lara's Mansion website was once hugely popular but over the years there have been less hits due to so many other Tomb Raider websites in existance. It was also the kind of website that required to be updated regularly. In some instances I couldn't review some of the new games because my PC is too old to play them so my reviews were never fully detailed. I still love Tomb Raider and have other Tomb Radier websites but I decided to remove Lara's Mansion.

Many of my celebrity websites were essentailly galleries so I've removed those too.

They do still exist on my computer just not online, so if anyone would like to see a particular website back up and running again just email me.

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