4th June '15 - I Love The Movie Prometheus.

This entry contains spoilers, don't read if you haven't watched the movie yet!

Prometheus is one of those movies I had heard of but had never seen and had no particular interest in watching. I knew nothing of the story line other than it being a sci-fi set on another planet. It was on TV recently so I decided to watch it. The beginning was a little confusing and after a while I noticed there were references to the Alien movies. It must have been a good while into the movie that I realised it was an Alien prequel.

The story is nonsense, it was as though the scriptwriter did only one draft and never bothered to test read it, yet somehow the general excitement of the movie makes up for it. The acting is good too with a large cast, not just a small group of men and one woman like a lot of Hollywood movies have been of late.

To be honest I'm not really sure why I love the movie. There's just something about it that ticks all the boxes of the rules of sci-fi yet fails so miserably in other aspects, but still resulting in a brilliant film.

I loved the scene where Elizabeth tries to remove the alien from her belly and asks the operating machine to perform a C-Section, but it's only calibrated for men so has to reprogram the machine while writhing in pain. I also loved the scene where the captain asks Meredith if she's an android because she's so emotionally cold which causes her to become angry and embarrassed at the same time resulting in her smiling. I loved where Meredith was trying to quickly put her space suit on while the countdown to the ejector pod was already taking place and seeing the panic on her face as she forced herself to hurry up. The scene with the giant octopus alien was brilliant as it attacked the Engineer alien.

As far as the story errors are concerned here is just a small sample. Once they realised the Engineers weren't nice aliens why didn't they simply leave? Why did the android character intentionally infect Logan? There were clearly lots of alien ships in the valley where they landed, why did they only explore one of them? When the alien ship crashed why didn't Elizabeth and Meredith run out of the way, to the side of it, instead of ever forward until one of them was crushed? What happened to all the gaping holes in the ground? Why did the sideways crashed ship still appear upright on the inside? Why was the octopus alien on the escape pod? Why did Weyland believe alien bad guys would somehow cure his illness? Why did the two guys, who were terrified at the thought of there being a life form nearby, act so calm when they saw the alien snake even to the extent of playing with it.

It's a terrible movie and completely sucks. I've bought it on blu-ray to watch again and again.

A movie that makes no sense!

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