22nd September '09 - A Premonition?

This is probably just a coincidence but I'd thought I'd mention it anyway.

Today I had a strange dream: I was in a lift and a man entered carrying an axe while wearing a hooded mask. He had a mental problem and was mumbling something. As he sat down on the lift floor the doors closed on him and he was stuck and yelling out. The lift started going down. I pulled him but he was heavy and wouldn't move, then I pulled him hard and he finally was safe inside the lift as the doors began to close properly. He thanked me and told me he had been so stupid to do such a thing then immedietly sat up in the exact same position again partly hanging out of the lift door. I held onto him trying to pull him back in and attempted to press the alarm button using my foot. Then I woke up.

It was just one of many weird dreams I had that day.

Then later that day as I was coming home a partially blind man who lives near me wanted me to help him because it was getting dark. He's an Indian Sikh and wears a turban and he was holding a stick. As I led him into the building and into the lift he stood there as the door almost closed on him so I quickly pulled him in. I was then instantly reminded of my dream. He wasn't in any danger the lift door would have just opened again, and the lift won't move with the door open.

I'm sure it's just all a coincidence, I have so many dreams one of them is bound to match something that happens in reality but it was quite strange to experience it.

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