15th February '14 - What makes people popular?

This is one of those strange blog entires in which I don't actaully have the answer to the question I'm asking. This question is more about popularity on the internet rather than in real life.

I've noticed there are tricks people do online to get more hits with something they've created such as a vid on Youtube. I've seen a clip where a woman will talk about something fairly trivial and get huge ratings because her cleavage was showing. Another trick is to post a clip of a Hollywood movie then simply because of it being popular means you end up with more hits. I personally have had Youtube vids with hundreds of thousands of hits simply because it was a clip from a popular Hollywood movie.

But aside from that I have noticed some people on Youtube can be extremely popular yet it's difficult to define why. I'm not referring to talented people who play instruments or make their own animations, but just people talking directly to their webcam.

There is a Chinese woman, with a very squeaky voice, and pimply skin. She's not beautiful in a conventional sense and her cleavage is un-noticable. Her vids are essentially her daily blog. Yet I subcribe to her channel along with thousands of others, and her vids have had millions of hits.

There's another one of a huge fat man who talks about video games then gets angry yelling at the camera for something that went wrong within the game. Sometimes he screams and shouts about the Xbox which can be very funny.

There's also a similar one where a man reviews video games but he's always angry and he will even shout and yell about a game that he loves.

Then there are the vids where someone will dress in a silly costume and talk about something and act as though their costume isn't relivant to the message being told.

But on the other hand I have seen very similar vids that don't get many hits at all including one where a woman in cosplay sings popular anime theme songs.

I guess some people have a hidden charm about them that some people don't, but it's difficult to define what it is.

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