27th June '15 - Plastic Little Anime Review.

Plastic Little was one of the first animes I ever bought. I remember it was 1996 and I purchased it from Woolworths on videotape. I don't remember what I paid, I did buy other tapes at the same time, it would have been no more than 15. It was the Japanese language version with subtitles. Many years later I discovered that I had a version with a limited edition cover. It's not worth anything but it is far rarer than the other ones.

It's about a sea captain, named Tita, who runs into another girl named Elysse who is on the run from corrupt military police for witnessing a crime they committed. Tita is a pet shop hunter who hunts rare sea creatures to be put on sale in pet shops. She helps Elysse which puts herself and her crew in danger.

There are some violent scenes, such as Tita getting shot and blood spurting from her mouth, and some comedy moments such as her being jealous of Elysse's breast size. There's also a lot of exciting action moments including a motorcycle chase through the streets.

It's one of those animes that can be watched and re-watched over and over again and still remains enjoyable. I must have seen it at least fifty times since its purchase. I've still yet to purchase the DVD version.

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