23rd July '10 - Addicted To Piercings.

Some months ago I went to a movies/comic convention and as part of my costume I had a piercing in my eyebrow. I've never understood the attraction of piercings other than to look different, they're kind of like having a tattoo but a lot easier to remove.

I bought a lot of self piercing needles from ebay as well as alcohol swabs, plastic pliers to grip the skin and barbell jewellery. Rubber gloves are good too not just for hygiene but to physically grip the jewellery when you screw the little ball on the end back on, it can be quite fiddly. You also have to remember which end unscrews for when you take it back out when you decide that you don't want it anymore.

Since then I've done my nipple and two in my belly button. I don't walk around topless showing them off I don't do it for the sake of showing off my jewelry but I do it for the sensation of having it done, i.e: IT FEELS REALLY NICE!

I'll try to describe it but I'm sure people will all have different experiences depending on how they perceive pain.

The first sensation is the plastic pliers, you need those to help guide the needle in a straight line but they do have quite a strong grip and they lock themsleves into place. The next sensation is basically the prick of the needle pressing against the skin, it is literally just the feeling of a prick not actual pain. Then as you apply pressure to the needle the sensation of the prick completely vanishes and you feel no sensation whatsoever, then suddenly the prick feeling will come back then suddenly vanish again. This pricking sensation keeps coming and going until the needle slides out of the other side giving an immense sensation of joy, I can only decribe it as a mental orgasm but not physical. It's also a strange thing to see as the tip of the needle pops out.

You then have to put the jewellery in, if you don't you'll be left with an open hole which will bleed. But there's no blood whatsover if you do it properly.

It is addictive and I can see why some people have so many. I would never do my tongue or intimates but I do understand why people do.

If you ever want to self pierce always use a proper disposable (use it once) type needle. My favourite are the catheter needles that have an outer sheeth so you can remove the needle the instant you've pierced so you don't accidently prick yourself while attaching the jewellery. You can also get self piercing instruction DVDs and there's also a lot of stuff on YouTube showing how to do it.

It doesn't hurt, it feels nice!

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