23rd February'11 - Babestation Accidental Peek.

There's a TV channel called Babestation on Sky channel 906. Basically a woman will dance around wearing sexy lingerie, or topless if it's late at night, and there's music playing in the background. You can phone in using a premium rate phone number and talk to her or even just listen to her conversation.

Sometimes a woman will phone in for a sexy lesbian chat and they always announce it in order to get more men wanting to listen in.

It's not the kind of thing I'm into but I sometimes flick onto that channel just for background because TV has gone so downhill recently.

While I was watching it today I noticed the woman was fully naked but in a position so you don't see between her legs. But when she sat down her labia was fully visible just for a brief moment. It was so unexpected to see. Somehow it seemed more exciting due to the fact that it was accidental. Most of the models on Babestation are porn stars and show everything anyway on their own websites but to see something that was unintentional seemed exhilarating like a pleasant shock.

I haven't got a picture of it to show but here's a picture I took just after it happend. I don't know the model's name, they usually display it on the screen but for some reason they didn't today. She's got a ring in her bottom lip and a huge tattoo on her back so I'm sure I'll notice her next time and get her name.

As she sat down she flashed her naughty bits.

Addendum (31st March '11): Her name is Amanda Rendall and her official website is totallyamanda.com

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