31st March '11 - Games On Demand (Perfect Dark Zero).

I was on the Xbox forums today talking about the game Perfect Dark Zero. It's available as a download as well as on a game disc. This is what I said about it:

My Perfect Dark Zero disc started playing up and would often refuse to load a level so I decided to purchase a new one. I could have bought a used one from ebay for around 5 but I thought instead it would be better to download it from XBoxLive on the Games On Demand section. It cost 14.99

It took just over an hour to download and it works fine. All the previous savegames and extra levels still work without any problems. The main advantage is that it's quiet with no annoying spinning disc in the drive. It's so strange to be able to play a game and not have to turn up the volume on the TV to cover the sound of the whirling DVD disc in the drive spinning at full speed.

Another advantage is being able to play it almost the instant you switch on the Xbox without having to put any disc inside. It's my favourite game to play online so I pretty much play it 90% of the time that I use the Xbox.

My only annoyance with it is that there is no option to quit the game. Normally you would just press the eject button but that doesn't apply with downloaded games. There is no way quit the game other than selecting the dashboard and pressing shutdown to switch off the entire Xbox.

I hope they don't remove the post from the forums. They often don't like anything negative to be mentioned even when you're praising a game.

Addendum (7th April '12):
I mentioned you cannot stop the game without switching off the Xbox. Of couse you don't have to do that, you can simply press the middle Xbox button on the controller and select XBox Home (Once known as the Dashboard) and the game will quit.
Also you may like to know all XBox games are installable now, so you can copy them onto the hard drive and play without the noisy DVDROM disc spinning around.

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