26th September '10 - Perfect Dark Zero.

I've just been playing Perfect Dark Zero, it's one of my favourite games because there are so many different games modes that it's like lots of games all rolled into one. It's also one of those games that you can play for hours and not even realise how much time has passed.

I was playing it online in Eradication mode. There are two teams and you have to shoot everyone on the opposing team but if you get shot you remain dead until either the rest of your team win or lose, or if one of your team has a revival gadget and chooses to revive you.

I always like to carry a revive kit but I find that I seem to be more likely to get shot when I'm carrying one than when I don't have one. Either it's sod's law or phychologial on my part. At one point I revived someone on my team and he shouted "Yeahhhh! Wow!" on his headseat mic.

Whenever you get shot the game lets you view another character and I was watching a bot called Bot-Marbles. The reason for bot characters are just to increase the numbers, they're not controlled by real people and they are replaced when a real person joins the game. What I love about Perfect Dark Zero is the bots are clearly named so you know they are not real, but in lots of other games you may be fooled by them.

I was surprised at the intelligence of this character named Bot-Marbles, it's fascinating to see her reactions. She would run while not carrying her guns so she could run faster, she would hide behind walls, crouch down peeping over ledges, and run when hearing a gunshot. She would also pause and stand still for a few moments as if thinking of what to do next.

I always used to play online as Joanna Dark but eventually it's gets boring playing as a goody all the time, so I've started playing one of the Datadyne bad characters.

Waiting behind a wall ready to pounce.

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