23rd August '15 - Vampire Calendar Ornament.

I have one of these on my desk. I bought it from an anime convention a number of years ago for 20. It had no box so I had to look it up online to know what she's called. Daughter of Lileth, not to be confused with Lilith.

It depicts a vampire with wings as well as an open mouth revealing her lethal fangs. The plinth on which she is crouched consists of two skulls but in a style that implies they are made of stone representing a grave. She also has chains around her ankles and one wrist preventing her from flying away, so she is either a prisoner or kept like a bird of prey.

The flesh tones on her sculptured skin contain a lot of pale purple implying she's been effected by being exposed to the weather so even though she's a vampire you may feel sorry for her. Her outfit is a little skimpy creating a sexual sensation whilst knowing full well she would rather bite your neck than kiss it.

She also appears to be wearing makeup which I can only surmise was placed there by her captor for it's certainly not the style of a vampire. Blue eye liner isn't what a creature of the night would choose to wear.

Whenever I need inspiration I look upon the ornament and wonder what she must be thinking. Does she want to be set free? And if so, will she fly home or kill her captor?

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