5th June '17 - The UK Novel Writing Competition.

About a year ago or so I entered the UK Novel Writing Competition. The unique feature of this competition is that the public are the judges and anyone can sign up to read these books. Also the authors' names aren't included with the book titles as to avoid anyone being influenced. It also meant I had to keep quiet about it in case it would be seen as me trying to promote my book if any of the judges came across my website, Twitter or blog.

There were three rounds to this competition and I managed to get to the final round but alas I didn't win. Out of 3112 entries I managed to get into the top 25 so it was still quite an achievement.

The book is called Effluo Insula or Effluo Insula: Vern's Tale to give it its full title. It's available on Amazon Kindle as an ebook and on Lulu in printed form. It's essentially a fantasy novel about a mysterious island, cultists and a monster troll containing lots of sword fighting and a very unexpected twist at the end. The two sequels are the same story told from different character perspectives.

Needless to say I'm going to take part in a lot of other book competitions. Just the thought of so many people enjoying my book is what keeps me motivated.

My book.

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