19th March '09 - Not Selling On Ebay Anymore.

At the moment I've got a DVD on ebay and someone's made a bid but after it's sold I won't be selling anything else on ebay, not for a while anyway.

I've got quite a few Project Ako DVDs and other animes but I'm going to have to sell them by other means.

The problem is it's got to the point where ebay fees are higher than the cost of the product I'm selling. Ebay has a new rule stating that if you sell a DVD or game then you're not allowed to charge for post and packaging. It's supposed to stop people selling a DVD for 1 penny and charging a high postage cost. This rule doesn't apply to video tapes so it is in fact more profitable to sell VHS tapes instead of DVDs.

By adding the postage cost onto the price of the DVD means the fees for selling it are higher, so it's difficult to set a proper price because ebay are making money out of the postage price too.

If an item doesn't sell the first time round then ebay still makes money and I've been charged 4.07 to sell an item for 3.99, and I have to add 1.50 postage cost so I'm 1.58 down. To make a profit I wold have to increase the price and it wouldn't sell.

So in the future I'm not going to sell anything on ebay, maybe I'll use another online auction that doesn't rip people off!

There are lots of other people complaining too, do a search on Google for ebay complaints and you can see what has happend to people by this simple rule change.

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