25th July '09 - Noobz And Newbies.

I was playing Unreal Tournament 3 on the PlayStation 3 and I noticed there was someone that kept getting a low score.

I win probably about 20% of the time, mostly I'm 2nd or 3rd, but sometimes if there are a lot of people playing I'm almost last. It depends on the skill of the other people, the ping rate (the speed) of the server I'm connected to and my mood.

Anyway if someone is always last I deliberately let them shoot me a few times, I intentionally miss so they can get me. But I will also kill them a few times so they don't suspect I was letting them kill me.

Today I was deliberately shooting at this woman's side (a female character in the game, I have no idea of the gamer's sex), and she ran into my bullets. Then she left probably out of frustration.

Unlike other PlayStation 3 games Unreal Tournament 3 doesn't keep track of players you've met so I couldn't message her to come back.

That made me feel bad, I like to give people a chance.

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