25th March '10 - Lots Of Noise, Lots Of Consequence.

A couple of years ago people moved into the flat below me and started making a lot of noise with their music. They didn't just play music too loud, it appeared to be live music and they played the same tune that had no beginning or end continuously all day, while someone tried to sing rap badly and play the guitar. Also the flat next door to them played loud music and they had constant complaints. The man living next do to me moved house because he had had enough.

I contacted the council and told them about it. An environmental officer came with a device that recorded the loudness of the sound. He came about six or seven times. I also had to write down on time sheets when they played the music and send the time sheets to the council. After nine months the council sent me a letter telling me there was no evidence of noise and no further action would be taken. In other words the council told me to F**K OFF.

They still play the music and I can't do anything about it.

Recently, the council decided to alter the flats to add a lot of fireproofing. They filled the front doors with white gunk, changed the window locks, redone seals and so on. But for a strange reason they've decided to scrape away every piece of cement from the side of the building and break off all the outside window ledges. The block of flats are made of concrete with a brick facade, every drill they use echoes through the building like being inside a bell, and they do this from 8am to 5pm.

So what am I supposed to do during that time? I can't watch TV the noise is too loud, I can't go to bed the noise is too loud, I can't do any kind of work the noise is too loud. I cannot do anything during that time!

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