2nd October '09 - Ripped Off On Ebay, Again.

I'll get to my point in a moment, I know this is a long entry.

I've got a collection of anime DVDs called Noir, there are seven DVDs in the series. It's about two assassins that meet up and become friends, but there's also a rival assassin and they are not sure if they are friends with her or not so they always feel awkward when they meet up.

It's a Japanese anime but the characters are French yet they still have Japanese mannerisms such as bowing when they say thank you. They also have a large snooker table and in every episode the balls are in a different location yet you never see them play. The two main characters are quite strange in that it's difficult to determine their ages, one is older than the other and there's a kind of big sister/little sister or even mother/daughter relationship between them but their actual age is never mentioned, the younger one looks about 10 years old and yet there's a flashback episode that shows them both as young children so she can't be that age. It's really quite weired which is what makes it so good.

There's lots of info in a little booklet that comes with each episode and in one it says the director was fed-up with 'Fan Service' that a lot of anime has. Fan Service bascially means when a female character falls over and you catch a quick glimps of their underwear, or there will be a breif nudity scene, that kind of thing. Noir doesn't have any of that, but there are plenty of scenes where it looks like it was supposed to.

There are also secret codes written on the back of the DVD booklet and the first episode comes with special glasses to read it, like 3D glasses but orange.

The last DVD volume 7 contains an interview with the voice cast and it's so amazing to see them all sitting at a table answering questions and laughing. Another one, I forget which DVD, has an interview with a Japanese voice actress that played a cat in the episode and she explains it was the first time in her entire life that she felt embarassed while doing voices.

I never had volume 5 of the series which contains three episodes. In the last episode of volume 4 one of the main characters realises that she was the one that assainated the parents of the other character. She cries her eyes out and begs her friend to kill her but instead her friend turns and walks away. So I wanted volume 5 to see what happend next.

Back to the point of this blog entry. I bought volume 5 of Noir on DVD but when it arrived it was a region 1 DVD so I couldn't watch it, but I stupidly already gave positive feedback because I never noticed it right away. I re-read the advert and it clearly states region 2. I emailed the seller and got no reply. The seller is called twoladz.

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