24th January '10 - Nice And Nasty People Online.

There's an internet theory that's been going around for some years that goes: Normal Person + Anonymity + Audience = Total Dickwad. I've noticed this theory to be true on many occasions but not all the time.

I was on YouTube looking up Gillian Cooke, she's on Britain's bobsleigh team with Nicola Minichiello. There was a clip on live TV where they are just about to race and Gillian Cooke's race suit splits and it's funny. The problem I have with YouTube are the stupid comments people leave, most comments are just comments where people laugh and say it was funny but some comments are just completely nasty and insulting both the women and the person who uploaded the vid.

There's another website that I sometimes use called Utherverse, it's a little bit like Facebook but more adult, it also has a 3D chat/game with it but it lags so bad that a lot of people don't use that feature. It's more of a fantasy Facebook where a lot of profiles are fake. What I love about it though is everyone seems to be so nice, even when it's abvious that someone is faking people rarely swear unless it's part of a sexual comment.

Chat rooms often have nasty people too but they are usually so over the top that it's funny rather than offensive. Even I've acted like a big moron in chat rooms before but then instantly left, changed name and acted extremely nice and polite.

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