24th June '09 - Her Name Was Neda.

I had a bit of a shocking experience today one that I was unprepared for.

There's been a lot on the news recently about protests in Iran, something about their elections being fiddled and the wrong person being elected. There were protests about it and people being shot dead. There was an Iranian comedian in the UK on television talking about it and saying both candidates were bad men and the one that didn't get elected was only slightly less bad than the one that did. It's not something that I had any interest in, to me Iran was just another country similar to Iraq, I never even knew they had elections.

There's been a lot of news reports on YouTube that Iranians have uploaded themselves but I still had no interest so never looked.

I was uploading a silly clip from a movie onto my YouTube channel and glanced at YouTube's home page. There's a section called Featured Videos and there was a clip from CNN news called Her Name Was Neda, I clicked on it and it was about the Iranian protests so I was going to stop it but then I saw something shocking which is why I posted this blog entry.

I won't post the link directly but if you go to YouTube there are lots of the very same clip, some are in the context of a news report and some aren't, some don't even have a warning about its content.

The video starts with a woman laying on the ground during a protest and there's a lot of chaos and people all around her trying to help her. She looks conscious and is staring at the person filming but her eyes look in shock. It's clear that she's been shot but there's no obvious wound visible on her. Then as the crowd gathers blood then gushes out of her nose and mouth causing a big puddle of blood, and then she's suddenly dead.

It's horrific to watch and I haven't been able to look at it a second time, I feel shaky and about to cry. Lots of people have died in the protests but I never thought about what it actually must be like.

Her name was Neda.

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